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BOStempeh is a licensed manufacture for tempeh or soybean cake based in Somersworth, NH, and it is the best tempeh you can get in the USA. Every single tempeh is freshly made with no added preservatives.

The taste reminds you of its country of origin, Indonesia and the fragrant smell brings back memory of fresh tempeh sold at traditional markets back home.

BOStempeh has no bitter aftertaste and above all, its firm textures leave no crumbles during food preparation in the kitchen. Tempeh also one of the best high protein sources with low carbohydrate.

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Please visit our place if you like to get the best fresh tempeh which don't surprise if they still warm in your hand!

We love to share the best fresh tempeh, we guarantee you will love BOStempeh!

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22 Canal St Suite 242Somersworth, NH 03878

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Monday — Friday

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Why Choose BOStempeh?

BOStempeh is freshly made-to-order every single day, using selected top-quality non-GMO soybeans with no preservatives nor added beans or seeds – just the way Indonesian tempeh or soybean cake is made in its country of origin. Therefore, @BOStempeh is GF and Vegan-friendly.

Our firm texture has set us apart from other competitors because it doesn’t crumble. It is so fragrance which you won't believe until you have it. Taste very fresh. Smooth and soft texture coming from a clean non-skin soybean seed.  

About Us

Daniel Kurnianto

Owner / Tempeh Lover

As Indonesian couple who migrated to the States a decade ago, we have searched high and low for great classic original Indonesian tempeh or soybean cake. Daniel, an engineer who is a foodie enthusiast, married to Meylia, an educator who loves cooking for her family, brought @BOStempeh to the public recently following their invention of superior Indonesian tempeh they have enjoyed in their kitchen with close friends. Feedback has been extremely positive so we couldn’t be happier. Their circle of friends has given them the support (and kicks) to introduce their creation to larger markets so they did. BOStempeh was launched on Facebook in late October 2017.

Daniel’s late mom was a fantastic chef and ran a restaurant for years. Growing up in Indonesia with premium food selections and qualities, Daniel’s taste bud is accustomed to how good quality tempeh tastes and looks like. Being an engineer, he designed a robust and controlled process to ensure the production could run all year long regardless of the weather conditions.

Tempeh or Soybean Cake, high in protein, originated from our country of origin, Indonesia, is recreated here in Westford, MA 01886 and then relocated to a licensed food manufacture in Somersworth, NH 03878, brought to those tempeh lovers who have such great awareness of healthy lifestyles in general and/or fellow Indonesians or foreign visitors who miss the beautiful Indonesian archipelago and its rich culinary experience.

BOStempeh is the Indonesian-style tempeh made right, using NON-GMO soybeans only produced and ship from USA.

We continually strive to improve ourselves. In less than a month, we have enhanced our packaging and process since its first inception. Our main objective is to introduce our signature Indonesian-style BOStempeh to larger populations.

Please visit our Facebook page #BOStempeh for additional testimonies and activity logs.

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