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*****Food & Drink Award 2023: Best Premium Tempeh Producer 2023 - New England*****

BOStempeh is GF and Vegan-friendly. Every single tempeh is freshly made-to-order using selected top-quality USDA-certified organic soybeans with no preservatives or added beans/seeds/grains. Its authentic taste reminds you of its country of origin, Indonesia and its fragrant smell brings back the memory of fresh tempeh sold at traditional markets back home.

BOStempeh has no bitter aftertaste and above all, its firm textures leave no crumbles during food preparation in the kitchen, making it a versatile protein source for your diet.

Contains: USDA-certified organic cooked soybeans, vinegar, and tempeh starter.

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TASTE Magazine, DAAI TV Indonesia, VoA Indonesia, SindoNews Economic Business, The S Media, ChangeStarted , Kompas ID, BonAppetit, VoA Indonesia, Liputan 6, SWA Diaspora Business Section, Food52, Kabarinews, Bisnis.muda.id, LocalMouthful Podcast

This tempeh is delicious, the real deal and a revelation if you enjoy tempeh. It's firm, super fresh, and entirely original in terms of what you can buy in the US.

Customer service is also exceptional. It's rare to find a local product, made with integrity and care, that also ships to your door. If you rely on shipping rather than local pick-up, you may want to opt for cooler weather.

Highly recommended.

(via email: Dec 1, 2020)

Ellen's Food & Soul
New Jersey

Just absolutely delicious tempeh delivered to your door, it's fantastic! Plus it's made by a great small business which is great to support.

The texture and the great way it fries makes it a lovely alternative to tofu.

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

(Original posting on facebook: April 9, 2020)

Kees FaesenKloet
Brooklyn, New York

This is absolutely the most delicious tempeh I've ever eat[en] since I moved to USA...

No bitter taste, soft and tender like cloud with fragrant aroma.

Definitely will order again and so highly recommend. Fast response, and I am so satisfied with the service.

(Original posting on facebook: April 6, 2020)

Arezha Batalogianis
Londonderry, New Hampshire

I've been buying fresh tempeh from this seller and I'm always impressed with the quality of their tempe. Their tempe smells so good/[fragrant], just like the ones my family used to buy at Jakarta local market.

The tempe holds their texture and it doesn't crumble easily, but the most important thing of all is that, it tastes really good!!

They pack their tempe with ice packs and ship fast. Received in god condition. Recommended seller!

If you haven't tried their tempe, please try and you won't be disappointed. Thank you BOStempe[h].

(Original posting on facebook: April 16, 2018)

Kawaii Ne
Marana, Arizona

About Us

BOStempeh, LLC is a team of four purpose-driven professionals, united in one spirit, mind, and vision to bring the freshest authentic unpasteurized tempeh to the land we now call our home. As immigrants, our cultural identity and the food we grew up with are integral parts of our beings. Our cravings for authentic "taste-like-home" culinary experience were the initial seeds of BOStempeh - our version of the American dream. Each of us brings with us spirits of excellence, unwavering passions, and excitement, unstoppable commitments to creative state-of-the-art innovations

BOStempeh, LLC

[The Kurniantos & The Asokas]


Taste Magazine in their “TheNutty, Chewy, Surprisingly Colorful World of Tempeh” edition on April 7, 2022, reads, “Compared to pasteurized tempeh sold in stores, the soybeans in “raw” tempeh taste beanier, the fungus more mushroomy, and the texture more dynamic. Some people are turned off by the bitter taste that shows up in some pasteurized tempeh; that bitterness is absent in the fresh version.

Unlike pasteurized tempeh, fresh tempeh is alive and rich in flavors. It has a yeasty, mushroom-like aroma and texture, yet packed with mild and nutty flavor. Freshly fermented and harvested tempeh is firm and warm to touch because during its fermentation process, the block produces self-heat.

Just like produce (such as fruits and veggies), fresh is always the best way to enjoy tempeh.

Because it is a live product, as a result of the fermentation process, fresh tempeh will continue to develop stronger flavors as it matures.

A handful of traditional Indonesian recipes, such as “sambal tumpang”, call for over-fermented or ripen tempeh (dark/black color, soft texture, and strong ammonia smell). This aged, unpasteurized tempeh is prized for its pungent, funky flavor, reminiscent of a formidable washed-rind cheese. These delectable cuisines are not for the faint of heart and are of acquired taste, even for locals in Indonesia.


Historically, fresh tempeh in Indonesia, its originated country, is made in different tropical leaves. While banana leaves remain the most commonly used wraps, due to limited access to good quality leaves, more tempeh makers and/or producers use plastics to speedup their production capacity and to fulfill increasing demands of this superfood.

Fresh tempeh is best enjoyed within 5 days post its initial harvest. During this time, there may be changes in the product’s appearance: the white mold may turn yellowish or have black spots. These appear because the Rhizopus mold creates spores especially in areas where O2 (Oxygen) travels freely. These are normal and safe for consumption.

Pink spots, on the other hand, are signs of defects and products should be discarded immediately. Please notify the facility as soon as possible so corrective actions can be taken.

Because it is a live product, the culture will continue to mature. To maintain the best premium quality, if you are not cooking your tempeh right away, you can also freeze it for up to 3 months from its best freeze-by date with minimal changes to texture.


While you can most definitely cook them frozen in the oven, you can also thaw frozen tempeh in our two recommended ways:

1) Thaw overnight in your fridge, by transferring them from the freezer to the fridge's drawer.

2) Microwave: tear off all packaging, then wrap your "naked" frozen tempeh block in a damp paper towel, and microwave for two minutes (may vary).

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COVID-19 safety protocol: Mask required.

Our tempeh for pick-up arrangements are harvested every Saturday morning. To schedule a mutually convenient time, please email us at info@bostempeh.com or call ahead.

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